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Thomas P. Fitzgerald, DDS

Dentist in Saint Louis, MO

Thomas Fitzgerald, DDS

I am the oldest son of a proud family line of Fitzgerald’s from County Cork, Ireland who homesteaded in Eastern Tennessee. I was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee where my father worked on the Top Secret Manhattan Project. I grew up in Wheaton, Illinois where the midwestern values and education have positively influenced my life as well as my interest in Dentistry. My grandfather was an inspiring country doctor when Knoxville Tenn. was still country.

Dentistry is and always has been wonderfully satisfying for me personally.

I graduated from The Creighton University School of  Dentistry and began my lifelong commitment to the study of this fascinating field of Dental Medicine.

The brilliant advances in technologies, the new skill sets, as well as incredible improvements in the field of dental materials have all allowed this profession to continuously deliver the most appropriate state of the art dentistry this country has to offer.

There are many conscientious professionals who have been engaged in this commitment our entire careers and as I, for one, continue to address the challenges often yet unanswered today on contemporary dental issues where consensus might appear to be politically correct it could be awkward and actually unconscionably adverse for some of us professionally. I continue to stand on patient-driven and ethically appropriate approaches to my dentistry.

I have included my extensive and diverse Post Graduate Training and Allied Certifications as well as my Professional Affiliations for your review. Please feel welcome to contact the office to address your personal dental issues.


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